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Mrs. Val – Canterbury

Thank-you to Anthony from Balwyn Master Painters and his team, they have done an exceptional job in painting and maintaining our body corporate site. Being a large body corporate site, we had to complete the painting works in stages and always maintain the site so that it is presentable. There are always items that require maintenance and we are pleased to have this on-going relationship with Balwyn Master Painters.

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Balwyn Church Of Christ

Dear Balwyn Master Painters,

We are very delighted with the Painting of our Church. All the members agree that it has transformed the church and with the new colour change of the church it has modernised the look of the building. Thank-you very much for your services and we will be recommending you to all our members.

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Mr/Mrs. Young – Glen Iris

Dear Balwyn Master Painters,

We were very happy to have George and Michael work on the painting job at our house. They were very nice chaps and very responsible guys. Not like the carpenters, they had their loud music on all day, and drove us mad. Your painters were very nice guys and we are delighted with our painting job. Do not hesitate to refer our details to any of your clients.

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Mrs. Janet Davies – Box Hill North

Thank-you Anthony for the painting job at our house. We are very pleased with the outcome and thank-you for repairing all the bubbles and defects we had in our weatherboards.

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Ms. Sue Welsh – Camberwell

To Balwyn Master Painters, We were very pleased with your painters and the painting job itself. It was a joy to work with Kamal and Allan, and they were very helpful with some of their ideas and suggestions. We were very happy with your company and will recommend you to all our friends and families.

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Mrs. R. Beckwith – Doncaster East

Thank-you Anthony for the wonderful painting works at my house. Thank-you for doing all the plastering work and the garage, as I knew at that time you were very busy with other jobs. I am very pleased with the painting works, not like the last painter.

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Ms. Angela Vinci – Glen Iris

Thank-you Balwyn Master Painters for the good quality painting finish of our home. Your painters were very nice to work with and hard workers, especially John. We are very delighted with the Painting job.

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